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Exclusive Services

Experience the pinnacle of hiking adventure by embracing our exclusive Soul Healing Yoga, Meditation and Nature add-on camping package! Elevate your journey through nature by securing your private campsite for an extra day before, after, or both sides of your expedition. This isn't just a camping extension; it's your gateway to profound rest and reconnection amidst the soul-stirring beauty of our forested sanctuary. Make a strategic investment in your well-being – offering yourself the luxury of time to unwind, recharge, and truly absorb the essence of nature. Choose Soul Healing Yoga, Meditation and Nature for an intelligent choice in enhancing your hiking escapade – because your soul deserves an expedition that transcends mere exploration.

*All camping packages are for Soul Healing Yoga, Meditation and Nature adventurists. Camping packages are intended for add ons to our hiking adventures.

**add-on packages are available via a separate checkout at the moment. I am currently working on to resolve where everything can be purchased through one transaction. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this technical issue.

***all prices are subject to change without notice so please check for updated pricing occasionally.

****you are completely responsible to provide everything for your camping needs. Camping equipment, food, or water supply is not provided by host.

Compliance to Rules and Regulations for an Enjoyable Stay

By engaging in our offerings, you, the individual(s), affirm and agree to adhere to all rules, regulations, and compliances established for the safety and well-being of all individuals, wildlife, the forest, and the environment. Your booking acknowledges and signifies your understanding and acceptance of all stipulated rules, regulations, and compliances. We are dedicated to providing a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, ensuring the preservation of our natural surroundings and fostering a harmonious environment for all.

Camping in Nature

This option is for individuals that are looking to rest the day before our adventure. 


This option is for individuals that are looking for rest the night after our adventure.


This option is for individuals that are looking for rest the day prior to and the night after our adventure. 

Hammock in Nature

This option is for individuals that are looking for rest the day prior to and the night after our adventure. But may need an extra day for yourself to wind down and enjoy the environment and rejuvenate before heading back to where life calls you.

Camping in Nature


To be announced in the future what will behold in this magical experience.

Camping in nature


To be announced in the future what will behold in this magical experience.

Camping Warning

Attention to all campers: Please be advised that our camping grounds are home to various wildlife species, including deer, mountain lions, wild turkey, bears, and more. While observing these creatures can be an awe-inspiring part of your camping experience, we highly discourage any direct interaction or feeding of these wild animals. For your safety and theirs, it is imperative to maintain a safe distance and admire these magnificent creatures from afar. Please exercise caution, respect their natural habitat, and refrain from any behavior that could potentially endanger yourself or the wildlife. Your cooperation ensures a harmonious coexistence with these creatures and contributes to a safer camping environment for all.


Mandated rules for campgrounds

Outline of rules for respecting the environment while camping:


Leave No Trace:

Keep the environment clean by ensuring no litter or debris is left behind. Even if not yours, clean up visible trash for the preservation of the area.


No House Usage:

Due to health concerns and privacy for property residents, usage of the house, including the restroom, is strictly prohibited.


Respectful Conduct:

Show respect to the environment, fellow campers, nearby residents, and wildlife. Keep noise levels to a minimum and refrain from staying up late to prevent disturbance to animals, other campers and nearby residents.


Assigned Campsites:

Stay within the designated campsite area with your party to ensure safety and organization.


Prompt Communication:

Immediately notify Soul Healing Yoga of any issues, needs, or concerns to be addressed during your stay.


Campfire Safety:

If a campfire is lit, attend to it at all times and ensure complete extinguishing before leaving. This precaution is essential to prevent the risk of a forest fire.


Prohibited Activities:

Avoid any activities that could harm the environment, disturb wildlife, or compromise the safety of yourself or others.


Responsible Waste Disposal:

Use designated waste disposal areas and follow guidelines for recycling and proper trash disposal.


Wildlife Interaction:

Observe wildlife from a safe distance and avoid any attempts at feeding or interacting with animals to maintain their natural behaviors and habitats.


Water Conservation:

Be mindful of water usage and conserve it whenever possible during your stay.

Following these rules not only ensures a harmonious camping experience but also contributes to preserving the environment for future campers and the local ecosystem.

Rules regarding prohibited substances and their consequences:

  1. Zero Tolerance Policy: The use of cigarettes, alcohol, or any illegal substances on the property is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in immediate removal by authorities.

  2. Legal Consequences: Individuals found in possession or under the influence of prohibited substances will face legal repercussions, including prosecution. Any monies involved are non-refundable and forfeited by the individual.

  3. Enforcement of Policies: All rules and policies stated on the website apply to individuals physically present on the property. This includes, but is not limited to, court costs incurred by the individual in the case of legal actions.

  4. Blacklisting and Future Restrictions: Individuals violating substance policies will be blacklisted from the property and all associated activities; online, physically, and indefinitely.

These strict measures are in place to ensure the safety, well-being, and compliance of all individuals on the property, maintaining a secure and respectful environment for all guests.

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